Roots Of Lacuna

Lacuna: The Void Within is a mobile narrative-puzzle game about a young girl named Fleeva who is on a journey to recovery. With her friend Harp recently passing away, the forest they used to nurture together has begun to mourn and decay. It is up to Fleeva to care for the forest and restore it by communicating and filling the void they both feel.

Talk & Understand

Drawing to communicate is one of the main interactions in Lacuna: The Void Within. Players have the power to draw glyphs to start conversations with the forest life, revealing various narratives and methods to solve puzzles. These gestures are specifically designed to lead the player to understand the game world by communicating.

Love To The Gone

Lacuna: The Void Within was inspired from one of the creator’s personal journey of coping with death of a family member who had cancer. During their time with their loved one, they had hand folded a thousand paper stars in hopes to get a wish to restore everything to normal. Despite their honest effort, it was no avail. We took that story into our design practice to craft this iOS game experience.

Captures & Awards

As of May 2017, Lacuna: The Void Within was chosen as the 2017 Medal Winner at OCAD University for best thesis at the 102 OCADU Graduate Exhibition. Below are some screenshots of the game as well as link to our press kit.

Press Kit

Meet The Team

Lacuna: The Void Within is a project shared between Parth Soni and Sally Luc. Sally and Parth connected through their passion to eat, watch anime, and make video games. They both have been collaborating on many interactive design projects in their time together.

Get In Touch

Parth Soni

Designer & Developer

Parth is a designer and developer proficient in game design, UI/UX design and Unity development. He is a storyteller who is passionate about mixing different media to express unique narratives. He loves to explore emerging tech and create meaningful interactive experiences with them.

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Sally Luc

Artist & Developer

Sally is a designer and developer who specializes in game design, UI/UX design, and mobile development (iOS). She is also proficient in 3D modelling and rigging. She is passionate in exploring various media and technologies to create purposeful experiences for users.

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